James Madison University

    Class of 2014

    Bachelor of Science in Psychology


    - Founded Life Lessons Magazine

    - Co-Founded Society of Entrepreneurs

    - Involved with JMUTeach and Make Your Mark on Madison

    JMU Study Abroad


    Teaching Assistant


    -Planned travel logistics, arranged activities and delivered lectures.

    -Course focused on ethnic identity, conflict and the Holocaust.

    Jeollanam-do Language Program


    English Language Teacher


    -Taught English to elementary level students in Mokpo, South Korea

    -Planned classes and organized community language exchanges

    -Created a blog to share stories, experiences and lessons learned with friends and family.

    Life Lessons




    - Put together a team, acquired funding, and created a free magazine for 7,000 JMU students.
    - Features interviews from some of JMU's most inspiring professors.

    - Purpose is to help students further develop personally and professionally.


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    Make Your Mark on Madison


    Leadership Counselor


    -Mentored 15 sophomore students in a semester long leadership program.

    -Provided students with insight on values, diversity, communication, and leadership skills.

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    Student Facilitator


    - Taught two classes titled "Personal Development" with 25 students.

    - Class topics included leadership, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness.

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    Society of Entrepreneurs




    - Helped create JMU's first entrepreneurship club.

    - SOE hosts guest speakers, consults businesses, and organizes on-campus events.


    On JMUTeach, Personal Development:


    "After taking this class, I've learned more about myself in 8 weeks than I have in 20 years....you were able to open the doors of our minds and let us explore feelings, emotions, thoughts, and anything else in an open, comfortable, non-judgmental environment." -Jordan Thompson


    "This class absolutely helped me to grow...you've truly inspired me in so many ways and I'm so grateful to have had you and this class as a part of my life. You're the best!" -Katie Warner


    "This class asked me questions that I had never asked myself and it is because I was asked those questions that I can say I grew over these past eight weeks." -Alex Jeffers

    On Life Lessons:


    “In all my years at JMU I have had the pleasure to work with many talented students. Andrew Mortillo is in the short list of those who are standouts. Andrew became famous at JMU as the creator of “Life Lessons from James Madison University Professors,” a magazine distributed to each freshman that answers those questions that give students a guiding light for their future. Andrew possesses a very rare combination of talents that makes him unique and it has led him to making the type of difference in the world that changes lives for the better. He is part psychologist, part activist, part TED speaker, part philosopher and part businessman. His high emotional intelligence, focus, drive, and empathy for those around him makes him uniquely qualified to be the great leader that he is. I feel fortunate to have worked with Andrew and to count him as my friend.” -Fernando Pargas, former Vice President of International, Time Warner Inc.

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